Calgary Excursions

Welcome to YYC! We Can’t Wait to Show You Around!

We are so incredibly excited to host you in sunny Calgary, Alberta! Because we can’t wait to show off this incredible part of the world, the Hospitality Committee has pulled together a number of great traveling highlights, from wonderful local tours to our favorite restaurants!

To start, we are pleased to offer some great, post-conference local tours, from Discover Banff and Calgary Walks and Bus Tours. Conference attendees can take advantage of some great rates, and easy booking, via easy online portals that these awesome companies have set up for your convenience! A variety of lengths and itineraries are available from Saturday afternoon to all-day Sunday.

For those of you who are already working on your detailed travels plans, check out our information on getting from the airport to the Hyatt, below!

Fun Fact: Calgary’s airport code, YYC, has become a hugely trending hashtag. Just like Drake has christened Toronto ‘The Six’, Calgarians often refer to Calgary as ‘YYC’! We’d love you see your #YYC #NACADAR8 #ACADV #HIGHERED #SAPRO #AcAdvCA posts as you get ready and excited for NACADA 2019!


Discover Banff Tours: Full-Day Offerings on Sunday, March 10th

For those venturing to Calgary to get a taste of the Canadian Rockies or a sight of our new, incredibly fuzzy panda family at the Zoo, these are the tours for you!

Participants can pick from two Discover offerings: Discover Banff and Lake Louise, or the Calgary Sightseeing Tour (with a visit to the Calgary Zoo)!

Discover Banff and Lake Louise: Sunday, March 10th

The perfect introduction to beautiful Banff and Banff National Park.

From Calgary, enjoy your interpretive journey into Banff National Park. To start, feel the power of the Bow Falls and the beauty that surrounds it just below the Banff Springs Hotel. Continue exploring and snap picture postcard shots from some of the best views in town – Surprise Corner on Tunnel Mountain Drive, and Two Jack Lake.

Your journey to Lake Louise starts along the winding Bow Valley Parkway passing Hole-in-the-Wall, Johnston Canyon and magnificent Castle Mountain. For over a century, explorers have been making the trip to the incredible towering mountain peaks and icy blue glaciers, which are the highlights at Lake Louise. Here, you will have a chance to explore the shoreline and take some souvenir photos of the “Jewel of the Canadian Rockies”.

Your knowledgeable local guide will provide interesting tidbits and information on Banff’s rich natural and human history that has helped shaped the Bow Valley for millions of years.

Cost: $134.00 CAD/pp

Requires: Min. 12 Bookings

Includes: 8 Hour Tour; Pick-Up and Drop-Off (Hyatt and Airport both Available); All Transportation; Discover Guide, and Gratuities

To Book

Calgary Sightseeing Tour: Sunday, March 10th

From the olden times to the modern times, Calgary has it all! You have the opportunity to have a guided tour of the downtown including its restaurants, distilleries, hot shops and of course the Calgary Tower to see the city from above.

You will additionally spend a fun and educational day at Calgary Zoo. Often cited by travelers as one of the best Zoos in North America, Calgary Zoo boasts an array of animals and is home to the Centre for Conservation Research, where a team of biologists has earned international recognition as North America’s leaders in the science of species recovery and reintroduction.

Cost: $144.00 CAD/pp

Requires: Min. 12 Bookings

Includes: 5 Hour Tour; Pick-Up and Drop-Off (Hyatt and Airport both Available); Admission to the Calgary Zoo; All Transportation; Guide, and Gratuities

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Calgary Walks and Bus Tours: 1 – 3 Hour Tours Saturday, March 9th or Sunday, March 10th Afternoons

For conference attendees with friends to visit, planes to catch, or other adventures planned, these short but sweet offerings are for you!

Participants can pick from four Calgary Walks offerings: the Calgary City Bus Tour, including Gasoline Alley, or one of three walking tours of East Village and Inglewood, Eau Claire and Kensington, or Downtown.

Calgary City Bus Tour, including Gasoline Alley: Saturday, March 9th or Sunday, March 10th

The bus tour will take the guest on a 3-hour journey to explore the sites of our diverse and booming city, rich with history and modern influences. Although Calgary is often thought of as being the next North American cosmopolitan city, it has maintained its country roots at the core. The tour will provide an engaging and interactive experience that brings our city to life as only a personal introduction can. You’ll learn about the landmarks and public spaces that make Calgary an interesting blend of the old west and new urban center. Enjoy the diverse stories that provide an entertaining view of the city that was once known as “rail town”, “sandstone city”, and finally “oil town”. Various photo opportunities will be provided.

Cost: $72.50 CAD + 5% GST/pp

Requires: Min. 10 Bookings

Cancellation of Tour by Guest/Refund: 90% of Price up to 15 Days Prior; No Refund 14 Days or Less Prior to Tour

Includes: 3 Hour Tour; Pick-Up and Drop-Off (Hyatt); Stop at Gasoline Alley; Guide

To Book: March 9th // To Book: March 10th 

East Village and Inglewood Walk Tour: Saturday, March 9th

East Village has gone through a substantial metamorphosis over the last 10 years. Once a vibrant growing industrial area of Calgary, East Village deteriorated over time until the city declared it a skid row. In recent years an investment was made in revitalizing the area and now interesting attractions like Studio Bell have taken the place of rundown buildings.

Inglewood was the birthplace of Calgary and the first commercial district. It once was home to great historical characters like A.E. Cross, Col. James Walker, and many more who helped build Calgary into a dynamic city. In recognition of Inglewood’s historic architecture, the City of Calgary named Inglewood a Special Heritage Character Area in 1991.

Cost: $25.96 CAD + 5% GST/pp

Requires: Min. 8 Bookings

Cancellation of Tour by Guest/Refund: 90% of Price up to 15 Days Prior; No Refund 14 Days or Less Prior to Tour

Includes: 3 Hour Tour; Pick-Up and Drop-Off (Hyatt); Guide

To Book

Kensington Walking Tour: Sunday, March 10th

The Canadian Pacific Railway and pioneer rancher Ezra Riley once owned the community known as Kensington. Over the past few years, it has seen a revival with a host of new residential development. Today it maintains a charming, bohemian vibe while also hosting some of Calgary’s best restaurants and boutiques and home to bustling street festivals occurring at all times of the year.

Cost: $27.96 CAD + 5% GST/pp

Requires: Min. 8 Bookings

Cancellation of Tour by Guest/Refund: 90% of Price up to 15 Days Prior; No Refund 14 Days or Less Prior to Tour

Includes: 3 Hour Tour; Pick-Up and Drop-Off (Hyatt); Guide

To Book

Downtown Walking Tour: Saturday, March 9th

Calgary is a blend of a brash frontier town and a lively urban centre. This walking tour will provide a unique introduction to the city while allowing the guest to discover what makes Calgary such an exciting city. The tour will introduce Calgary’s origins, history, public art, and much more.

Cost: $22.96 CAD + 5% GST/pp

Requires: Min. 8 Bookings

Cancellation of Tour by Guest/Refund: 90% of Price up to 15 Days Prior; No Refund 14 Days or Less Prior to Tour

Includes: 2 Hour Tour; Pick-Up and Drop-Off (Hyatt); Guide

To Book


Did You Know? Canadian Trivia

We are four months away from the 2019 NACADA Region 8 Conference! In preparation, our Canadian colleagues have gathered Canadian trivia.

Question Answer
1.       What is Canada’s official sport? Lacrosse
2.       Which Canadian cities have hosted the Winter Olympic Games? Calgary, Vancouver, and Montreal
3.       What is the iconic coffee order at Tim Hortons? Double double
4.       Calgary loves this winter weather phenomena Chinook
5.       What is Leonard Nimoy’s favourite Alberta town? Vulcan
6.       Where is the world’s largest Ukrainian Easter egg? Vegreville, Alberta
7.       Where is the sunniest city in Canada? Calgary
8.       Who is Ogopogo? Canada’s version of the Loch Ness monster who resides in the Okanagan Lake
9.       What is the highest point in Canada? Mount Logan in the Yukon Territory
10.   Which city is home to North America’s largest mall? Edmonton
11.   Where is the coldest place in Canada? Eureka, Nunavut with a yearly average temperature of -19.7 degree Celsius or -3.5 degree Fahrenheit!
12.   The longest skating rink in the world, which freezes naturally, can be found in which Canadian city? Winnipeg
13.   What is the oldest city in Canada St. John’s in Newfoundland
14.   What native language is the name Canada derived from? Iroquoian
15.   Whitehorse, which is the driest city in Canada, is the capital of which territory? Yukon
16.   The northernmost permanently inhabited place on Earth, is located in which Canadian territory? Nunavut
17.   “The City of Bridges” is a nickname for which Canadian city? Victoria, BC
18.   Five national parks make up this popular tourist destination, which served as a backdrop for the 2005 movie Brokeback Mountain. Canadian Rockies
19.   This Quebec town is the only town in the world with not one but two exclamation marks in its name. Saint-Louis-du-Ha!-Ha!
20.   This Canadian province adopted curling as its official sport after winning the world and Canadian championships. Saskatchewan

Conference Details:

The conference will be held, March 7-9, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Hyatt. Registration for the conference and the call for proposals is open. Submit your pre-conference proposals by November 1, 2018, and conference proposals by November 15, 2018.

Registration is OPEN for the 2019 NACADA Region 8 Conference in Calgary!

Registration is open for the 2019 NACADA Region 8 Conference – March 7-9, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

Register for the NACADA Region 8 2019 Conference


Hyatt Regency Calgary
700 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2G 5P6

A blend of old-world charm and contemporary style, Hyatt Regency Calgary delivers an incomparable experience in the heart of downtown. Our premiere hotel boasts strikingly sophisticated guest rooms, state-of-the-art event space, expansive food and beverage offerings and unprecedented service. Situation on Stephen Avenue Walk in the midst of an exciting pedestrian mall, Hyatt Regency Calgary is a haven of comfort and sophistication from which to explore nearby attractions or conduct everyday business with ease.

Hyatt Regency Calgary is located in the heart of downtown on Stephen Avenue Walk, adjacent to the C-Train station and connected to the +15 heated pathway system, as well as to the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre.

Room rate
Single/Double: $169.00 CAD based on availability
Triple/Quad: $35.00 CAD per additional guest up to 4

Children, 18 years or younger, stay free in same room as their parent or guardian.
Applicable taxes will be added to room rates upon checkout.

Present at the conference:

Presentation proposals are currently being accepted. Please consider submitting a proposal: Proposals Submission deadline: Preconference proposals due Nov 1, All other conference proposals due Nov 15

Apply for awards and scholarships:

Award and scholarship applications are still being accepted. Deadline is November 1, 2018.

Submissions Needed: Region 8 Compendium of Noteworthy Practices, Approaches, & Programs

What: A Region 8 Compendium of Noteworthy Practices, Approaches, & Programs

Why: In an attempt to reach members who are not always able to attend conferences, this effort will provide a venue for Region members to share practices, approaches, and solutions toward the goal of enhancing our work across the region.

How: All members of NACADA Region 8 are encouraged to submit.

  • Rolling submissions should be detailed and include printed materials and web information as appropriate.
  • Although logistical details may be specific to an individual institution, their inclusion can help other members determine how or if such a practice can be replicated at their own institution.
  • Region 8 Steering Committee members will review all submissions and publish noteworthy and unique practices.
  • Submit here.

Time Commitment: Non-cumbersome process, it estimated that a submission will take between 15-30 minutes to complete.

Questions: Please feel free to reach out to any Region 8 Steering Committee member.

2019 NACADA Region 8 Conference – Call for Proposals!

2019 Call for Proposals for Region 8 Conference
Opens August 15th
Pre-conference proposals due November 1, 2018
Conference proposals due November 15, 2018

As summer gives way into fall it’s time to start looking ahead to professional development opportunities and what better way to connect and re-charge than by attending the Region 8 conference! Always a great opportunity to get together with old friends and colleagues, share in new ideas and learn from one another, the 2019 Region 8 conference promises to be an energizing, empowering and engaging event in Calgary, Alberta from March 7-9, 2019.

As you may have heard Rasha and Shea say at the Portland conference, we can’t promise you warm weather in Calgary in March, but we will more than make-up for that with our warm hospitality, fabulous dining opportunities, a walking tour of both the city and our local breweries, not to mention top-notch shopping opportunities (at a more than fabulous exchange rate for our American friends and no sales tax for our BC friends). We have something for everyone. We are also going to feature optional excursions to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, a site that should not be missed on a trip to this part of Region 8. “We Want You in Calgary!”

We hope that you will also consider submitting a proposal to Coming together: Empower, Engage, Energize. Region conferences are a great way to engage with your colleagues, promote your own work and best practices and to create opportunities to engage with NACADA. The conference steering committee will be looking for proposals that cover a wide variety of themes supporting a variety of strategic goals for advising including student success and retention, internationalization, indigenous engagement, and diversity/inclusivity to name but a few.

The regional conferences are a great way to share your expertise and research in any number of ways:

  • Pre-conference workshop – 2-5 hour highly participative session
  • Paper or topic presentation – current issues in advising based on research or best-practices, can be developmental or based on a theoretical approach
  • Roundtable discussion – can be more informal with short commentaries and involved discussion with the audience and moderator
  • Panel discussion – can be a great way for several presenters from different institutions to cover a topic from different perspectives or approaches
  • Poster presentation – an informal opportunity to network, solicit feedback from all of the conference participants

Proposals are now open for our pre-conference and concurrent sessions and it is a great time to network with your colleagues, gather ideas and begin the process of submitting your proposal for the Region 8 conference. The call for proposals will remain open until November 15 for all concurrent session types (paper or topic presentation, roundtable discussion, panel discussion and posters). The deadline for pre-conference workshops is November 1.

Region 8 is great! But it is only as great as you are willing to help make it. Please consider submitting a proposal for presentation at the conference scheduled for March 7-9, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta.

Region 8 Awards and Scholarships

Apply now for NACADA Region 8 awards and scholarships.

Annual Conference Scholarship Opportunity

The Region 8 Steering Committee is very pleased to announce the availability of funds (on a limited basis) in support of (up to) twenty-five Region 8 members attending the upcoming NACADA Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Selected applicants will be awarded coverage of the “Early Bird” Registration fee and must register by the August 31 early deadline. Members who have already registered for the conference are still eligible to apply; their original payment can be refunded in the manner it as paid.

Selection will be primarily based on applicants of goals they hope to accomplish by attending the conference. Additional consideration will also be based on the applicant’s location; the hope is to award distribution across the region.

Applications due July 31, 2018:

  • Region 8 Annual Conference Scholarships for Phoenix, AZ

Region 8 Awards and Scholarships Opportunities

Applications due November 1, 2018:

  • Excellence in Advising – Primary Role
  • Excellence in Advising – Faculty Advisor
  • Excellence in Advising – New Advisor
  • Excellence in Advising – Advising Administrator
  • Region 8 Excellence in Advising – Institutional Administrator Award
  • Region 8 Advising Technology Innovation Award
  • Region 8 Conference Scholarships

This is a great opportunity to receive recognition, support, and possible funding to attend the annual and/or Region 8 conference.  Winners of these awards and scholarships are recognized at the upcoming Region 8 conference in Calgary!

Click here for information on how to apply.

Stampede into Summer

Did you know that Calgary is the home to the greatest outdoor show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede? The hat in this year’s conference logo is representative of the iconic Stampede.

Stampede your way into summer and get a head start on creating conference session proposals. The call for proposals will open on September 4th and will close on November 15. While you’re at it, begin working on your professional development requests for the next academic year so that you don’t miss out on the 2019 NACADA Region 8 Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Calgary. We can’t wait to welcome you to Calgary, Alberta, March 7-9, 2019.

NACADA 2018 Conference Recap

Well, that’s a wrap on the 2018 NACADA Region 8 Conference. Thank you to all who attended, volunteered, presented, and supported the event—you are all part of what made it such a huge success! This year, the conference featured six pre-conference workshops, 49 concurrent sessions, and an inaugural community college networking event. The topics covered were diverse in content and institutional representation. The schedule alone made this very clear: eight is great!

We also had the pleasure of hearing from two passionate speakers: Kandi Bauman of The Evergreen State College, and Chad Brown, of Soul River Inc. Both addressed the need for human connection and support. They left us reassured that what we do matters and matters greatly. And they left us with a call to action.

Speaking of Soul River Inc., we exceeded our fundraising goal of $2000.00 by over $1,000.00! Thank you for your generous support of this inspiring organization.

Finally, thank you to our community college and first-time attendees. With over 700 attendees overall, this was the largest regional conference in NACADA history. More importantly, nearly a third of all our attendees reported that this was the first NACADA event that they had attended, and nearly a third of all attendees represented community colleges. Fresh and diverse advising perspectives like yours are critical to our profession and for moving professional development opportunities forward. We hope to see you at future NACADA and other professional development events.

It was our pleasure to host this conference. Thanks to you, we achieved our goal to include, innovate, and inspire.

Your conference co-chairs,

Rachel Allen and Miranda Atkinson