Conference Etiquette

Please observe these courtesies to ensure that everyone has a positive experience:

  • Please give the session speakers your full attention.
  • Please be mindful: some attendees may be sensitive to strong perfume/deodorant/cologne.
  • Silence cell phones during sessions. Do not answer the phone while in a session. Quietly leave the room if you must take a call.
  • Sit in the back if you plan to leave early.
  • As you enter the room, sit as close to the front as you can so the back seats are available to those who arrive after you.
  • Introduce yourself to the people sitting around you. This is an excellent opportunity to meet your colleagues.

Reminder to presenters: Please download your presentation content prior to presenting, as wireless may not be available in the conference spaces.


Conference Registration Closed

Excellent news Region 8, the 2018 NACADA Region 8 Conference will officially be the largest regional conference that NACADA has ever had!

With that news, we also need to inform the region that the conference is officially at maximum capacity and conference registration has been closed. On-site registration for the full conference will not be an option this year.

You still have a chance to register for pre-conference sessions, if you have already registered for the conference.

4 Things You Should Know In Advance of the Conference About Logistics

1. Wireless: Available in the conference spaces on Monday and Tuesday. Password information for the conference spaces will be available at the Registration and Hospitality tables. Wireless is also available in your hotel room and lobby spaces if you become a Marriott Rewards Member. Signing up is free and can be done upon check-in or here.

2. PDXpert stickers: New to Portland (PDX)? Look for someone wearing a PDXpert sticker for recommendations on where to eat and what to do.

3. NACADA Resource stickers: New to NACADA? Look for someone wearing a NACADA Resource sticker for more information on the conference and organization.

4. Parking: At the hotel is valet, only. However, several alternative parking locations are available. Other parking options: Local Area Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Parking Map. For additional parking information, check in with the Registration and Hospitality tables.

Other logistics updates:

  • Gender-neutral restrooms are available on the lower level on Monday and Tuesday of the conference.
  • Nursing Mothers a lactation room is available in the Salem meeting room for the duration of the conference.

Early Bird Registration Reminder + Portland Dining Scene

We look forward to having you in Portland, Oregon for the 2018 NACADA Region 8 Conference. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, February 19th is the early bird registration deadline. By registering early you will receive the discounted $140.00 registration price for NACADA members.

Portland has a vibrant and diverse dining scene, spanning from casual pubs, food trucks, to fine dining.  Fortunately for us, NACADA Region 8’s conference coincides with Portland Dining Month, held throughout the month of March.  This means more than 100 of the city’s restaurants will offer three-course meals for a cost of $33.  Check out TravelPortland for a list of their top picks.

If you are looking to network and make some new friends over dinner, be sure to stop by the hospitality table (next to the conference registration table) to sign up for a Monday, March 12 dinner group.  Dinner groups are limited to 12 or fewer people to encourage conversation so sign up early!

Portland also offers over 600 food truck options.  Here are a few to check out:

  • Alder Pod is in downtown Portland between SW Alder and Washington from SW 9th and 10th avenue and is easy to combine with a trip to look at books at Powell’s.
  • Cartopia Pod is located on SE Hawthorne Blvd and SE 12th with a heated seating area.
  • Third Avenue Food Pod, most carts offer extended lunch hours and Waterfront Park is nearby where you can stop to eat your food.
  • North Mississippi Marketplace, this is located on the NE side of Portland on North Mississippi Avenue. The pod is anchored by a German pub named Prost where you can eat your cart meal if you buy a drink
  • Cartlandia is in SE Portland at 8145 SE 82nd with over 30 carts representing 15 different countries.

Happy eating!

Find Your Own Adventure In Portland This March!

Hello, this is Sarah from the hospitality committee. Portland has a little something for everyone, whether you like to curl up in a coffee shop with a good book, browse museums, find a trail to hike or explore beyond the city.

Some of my favorite hikes in the city can be found up near Washington Park and Forest Park, and I also love walking around downtown to browse shops or find some tasty food truck snacks.  If you have time before or after the conference, within 45 minutes, you can be in the Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood, or in Wine Country.

I encourage you to try a new food, explore a different neighborhood, and see what adventure awaits you in Portland.  Not sure where to start?  Try a guided tour:

Here’s a video from Travel Portland to inspire you:  EXPLORE PORTLAND

Make sure to stop by the Hospitality Desk while you’re at the conference if you have any questions on where to go or what to see while you are in Portland!

Registration + Conference Schedule

If you’re planning to attend the 2018 NACADA Region 8 Conference in Portland, Oregon. A friendly reminder, that February 19th is the early bird registration deadline. By registering early you will receive the discounted $140.00 registration price for NACADA members.

While you’re registering for the conference, make the most of your professional development and register to attend the pre-conference workshops. All pre-conference workshops are $25 to attend and will happen on the first day of the conference, Sunday, March 11, 2018.

The full conference schedule has been posted, start planning which sessions you’d like to attend. We are excited to see you in just a few weeks for the conference.

2018 NACADA Region 8 Conference Service Project – Soul River Inc.

2018 NACADA Region 8 Conference Service Project – Soul River Inc.

Deployment \-mənt\ noun

Activities encompassed from one origin or home to another place of destination, specifically to wild places with wildlife habitat, and to connect underserved communities to outdoor exploration, education and leadership.

This year’s Region 8 conference service project is Soul River Inc.. The donations raised from conference attendees will go directly to sponsoring supplies and activities for the 2018 Deployment trips, which are the outdoor mentoring experiences with U.S. military veterans and underserved youth. Cash or check donations will be accepted during the conference, and donations will be accepted online on the Soul River Inc. site.

About Soul River Inc.

Soul River Inc. connects inner-city youth and US military veterans to the outdoors through incredible outdoor educational transformation experiences. By engaging U.S veterans as mentors for inner-city youth, Soul River Inc. believes that rich, powerful opportunities for healing authentically happen in the midst of Mother Nature. By connecting youth and veterans to our public lands, wild rivers and fresh waters, and beyond through genuine community, we will ultimately establish and inspire a new generation of outdoor leader ambassadors that will advocate for Mother Nature and conservation.


A Letter to You from Advisors Across the Region – Why You Should Get Involved in NACADA and Attend the Conference

As an advising professional, there are many benefits that come from a NACADA membership and attending NACADA conferences. In this post, advisors across the region share why you should get involved with NACADA conferences.

Personally, what I love about NACADA is that it is a community and family of advisors who want to see each other grow. One of my many favorite NACADA memories was during the regional conference in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2014. I was still quite new to Region 8 and had the breakfast that would forever change my NACADA trajectory. I was wanting to get more involved in the region, but wasn’t really sure how to do so and had reached out to the Region Chair at the time, Sally Garner, and her former colleague, Jennifer Joslin, to learn more. Sally and Jennifer inspired me to take action and get involved. Because of them, I have been involved at the regional and global levels of NACADA. Don’t be afraid to reach out to advisors in the region. I’m forever grateful for that breakfast in Vancouver. –Allison Ramsing, Academic Coordinator, Washington State University, NACADA Region 8 Communications Coordinator

Benefits of Attending the NACADA Region 8 Conferences

Attending regional NACADA conferences has given me the opportunity to explore what it means to be an academic advising professional. I have been able to meet a wide range of people and build lasting professional relationships. I have also been able to learn about some of the new advances and theories in the world of advising and how they are put into practice at other institutions, which in turn, influences the way I do my work. It has been an opportunity for me to feel connected to the profession of advising especially as more Canadian institutions get involved. I find attending NACADA regional conferences very educational! –Janine Mayers, Academic Advising Consultant – Academic Advising Centre, University of Victoria

Coming from a small, rural community college without a lot of exposure to other institutions, I really appreciated the learning opportunity that NACADA provided at the 2017 Region 8 Conference.  I got at least one useful takeaway from each session I attended that I was able to directly apply or modify to my own advising practices.  Being surrounded by other advisors/educators created the perfect environment to reflect on the work I do, and learn how I can improve upon that work and grow professionally.   Additionally, I enjoyed being able to network with people from other institutions and learn from them as well as bond with other staff from my own institution that I don’t necessarily work with on a regular basis.  I believe I am a better advisor and colleague after attending the NACADA conference and would recommend it to others.  –Honora Buell, Completion Specialist & Academic Advisor Title III, Southwestern Oregon Community College

For me, the value of attending the conferences is a shot of advising adrenaline! It gets me reinvigorated and energized in the field. Plus, it’s fun to connect with colleagues near and far, and share successes. –Ginny Kinne, Director Academic Advising Center Division of General Studies, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Working as an advisor for a rural community college, it is hard to feel connected to the universities that I so often send my students to. Attending the Region 8 NACADA conferences the last few years has helped me make better connections and learn more about the university programs and processes, allowing me to serve the community college students in a more meaningful way. –Jaimee Belzer, University Center Program & Academic Advisor, Southwestern Oregon Community College

One of the things I love about attending the Region 8 NACADA conferences is the time and space to think, brainstorm, daydream, discuss, debate and get excited about all those bigger picture ideas that I don’t always have time for in my daily work life. I always come back feeling energized and full of new ideas, and maybe most importantly, connected to my colleagues across the Region. –Brenda Truman, Director of Student Services, Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship, Montana State University

Benefits of a NACADA Membership

  • NACADA Journal
  • Academic Advising Today
  • Member Career Services
  • Consultant Speaker Services
  • NACADA Clearinghouse (open to non-NACADA members)
  • Special Publications, including DVDs & CDs
  • Professional Development
  • Listserv Membership
  • Awards Program
  • Scholarships
  • Research Grants
  • Involvement & Leadership Opportunities (you must be a NACADA member to be on the Steering Committee)
  • And more!

Being a NACADA member gives a boost to the work an academic advisor. NACADA members have greater access to (or at the very least an inclination to explore) the scholarly literature from leaders in the field of advising. Critically reading and applying advising theory to the work of advising improves its efficiency. NACADA members, conscientious about best-serving students, can turn to fellow members/advisors and inquire about best practices in advising. NACADA leaders (and members) subscribe to an advising philosophy that involves a professional approach to helping students, one grounded in research and experience. By being a NACADA member, advisors from two or four-year colleges can form positive and productive working relationships and then communicate a higher level of understanding of academic advising. –Jim Fasulo, Academic Advisor, Portland Community College Cascade Campus


Region 8 —Early Bird Registration and a Note from your Conference Co-Chairs

The early bird registration deadline, February 19th, is officially a month away. Be sure to submit your travel funding requests at your institutions so that you are able to receive the discounted $140.00 registration price for NACADA members. You can register for the conference here.

The conference is quickly approaching, and we are incredibly excited to see so much diversity already represented in our conference planning. Advisors across the region contributed to an outstanding pool of conference proposals, a sample of the concurrent sessions can be found here. Many of those sessions include cross-institutional partnerships and address the community college advising experience.

We are offering six pre-conference workshops on Sunday, March 11, including last year’s best of region presentation. Don’t miss an opportunity to explore important advising issues in-depth.

Perhaps most exciting, are the calls we receive from advisors who are new to NACADA and plan to attend. Many are from community colleges, and all are excited to contribute to and learn from this inspiring advising community.

Because of the incredible work put forward by advisors in our region, 8 is great, you know, this conference is already shaping up to be an event that includes, innovates, and inspires.

Come join us.

Miranda Atkinson and Rachel Allen
2018 NACADA Region 8 Conference Co-Chairs
Miranda Atkinson | (541) 346-3804 |
Rachel Allen | (541) 346-2171 |