As a reminder, it is once again time to nominate your colleagues for one of the Region 8 Excellence in Advising Awards! Or perhaps, you can apply for a Region 8 Conference Scholarship – we are offering those too!  Do you have a colleague who you feel epitomized the greatness that is Region 8? If so, NOMINATE THEM FOR AN AWARD! The Region 8 Steering Committee is now accepting nominations for the 2017 region awards.

The Deadline is November 1st. 

To nominate someone (or yourself) Go to the Awards and Scholarship Application Portal:http://apps.nacada.ksu.edu/conferences/awards/NM01Login.php#

and now for an important deadline change…

The conference planning committee has moved the proposal deadline FORWARD to December 20th, for pre-conference workshops. This only will impact you if you are submitting to present a pre-con. The deadline for the concurrent session conference proposals is still January 12th.

Once again…if you are submitting a pre-conference proposal, the new deadline is December 20th!



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