Seattle 2016 Conference Recap

Hello Region 8!

I want to thank you again for making our 2016 conference in Seattle a huge success! When all was said and done, 577 of you joined us for three days of learning, growth, and connecting with new colleagues.

The program consisted of five pre-conference workshops, 35 concurrent sessions, and many opportunities for informal connection and networking. If presenters submitted conference materials, you can find them with schedule information on the Region 8 blog. (Psst, presenters, if you still want to submit your presentation materials, please email our Communications Coordinator Alex Kunkle, kunklea [at] wou [dot] edu.) 

Outside of concurrent sessions, we were treated to two amazing keynotes. On Thursday artist and activist Louie Gong shared his own story of fighting for access to higher education when many told him that his Native heritage meant he was not college material. His words reminded us that each student has a story, and our work as advisors is not to rewrite their story for them, but instead empower them to become authors.



Friday found Dr. Jennifer Joslin, Associate Director for Content Development showing us how the great Jane Austen, who most certainly would have been a NACADA member, showed us that care, values, and ethically driven decision making are the backbone of our work.


I would be remiss to not take a sentence or two to again thank Nicole Kent our Region Chair, the conference committee, the additional folks who read proposals and helped with onsite AV, and the numerous attendees who stepped up to volunteer during the conference. As advisers we know it takes a village, and I am so grateful that mine resides in region 8.

If the conference has spurred your interest in getting more involved with NACADA, check out upcoming webinars, February Administrator Institutes, and the many (free!) resources available to you via the NACADA Clearinghouse. Perhaps most importantly, election time is coming! (And I don’t just mean the Iowa Caucuses.) Take a few minutes to review candidate platforms and use your voice through your vote. Ballots should be in your email sometime next week.

If you weren’t able to join us at the conference, visit the Region 8 Facebook page for some photos and reflections from the event.

As always, Eight is great!
Julie Larsen, 2016 Region 8 Conference


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