Region 8 Scholarship Winners!!!

Hello Region Eight,

We would like to acknowledge our Region 8 Colleagues who have each been selected to receive $500 scholarships to attend the Region 8 Conference in Seattle, Washington January 20-22nd. I would also like to note that we have identified enough funds in the budget to announce one more scholarship opportunity- yes that’s right, there’s still a chance to receive funds to support your attendance of the conference!!! If you want to receive this ONE $500 award, we will be hosting a competition on the region 8 facebook page that will be open from noon PST on Wednesday, November 18th, and will close at noon on Friday, November 20th. Anyone who posts on the contest thread will be eligible to win!! Keep your eyes out for that exciting opportunity!!

And without further ado, your 2016 Region 8 Scholarship Winners:

Ms. Sara Ackerson, Washington State University

Mrs. Ashleigh Anderson, Oregon State University

Ms. Yung-Hwa A Chow, Washington State University

Ms. Elizabeth Dittman, Willamette University

Mrs. Kristy Gutierrez, Washington State University

Ms. Evinn R Hickey, Seattle University

Mrs. Lisa M Hill, University of Idaho

Ms. Tina Krauss, Washington State University

Ms. Jenny Lewis, Washington State University

Ms. Katrina Machorro, Oregon State University

Liz Hammond Moenig, Seattle University


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