Region 8 Conference Presentation Proposal Deadline in 1 WEEK!!! SEPTEMBER 30th!

Region 8!

Get your presentation proposals in while you still have time, the DEADLINE IS IN 1 WEEK, SEPTEMBER 30th!!!  Click here to submit your proposal.

As a reminder, this year’s Region 8 Conference will be centered around four focus areas: Sustainability, Innovation, Inclusivity, & 2-Year Colleges. Presenters are encouraged (though not limited) to consider session proposals that address one or more of the focus areas when crafting proposals.

  • Sustainability: ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed – including our work with students, our advisor training, and our campus policies and regulations
  • Innovation: the introduction of something new and different, utilizing new methods in our work with students and advisor development
  • Inclusivity: how are you including all the stakeholders within your campus community? What programs or initiatives support inclusion and retention of underrepresented populations.
  • Two-year colleges: initiatives and programs that support advisors and students at our two year college partners.

NEW THIS YEAR: Poster Session! Please consider submitting a proposal for a poster session. Poster sessions are common at the Annual NACADA conference, but new this year for our Regional Conference. Help us make it a success!

  • Consider submitted a proposal for a poster session. This is a great opportunity for interactive presentations of new ideas and programming as well as demonstrations of putting theory to practice.
  • Poster sessions present an opportunity to allow both presenters and participants to engage in in-depth discussions about their advising programs, research or activity.
  • Posters should be structured around one (or more) of the four focus areas for the 2016 NACADA Region 8 Conference: sustainability, innovation, inclusivity, and two-year college initiatives and programs. They should be of a professional nature, with clear and concise messaging and formatting. You can find some tips here!

Thank you for contributing your time, energy and expertise to making the regional conference a success. We look forward to seeing you at the Motif in Seattle January 20-22nd!


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