Seattle Site-Visit! 5 Months Until the Region 8 Conference!!!

image00Hello Region 8!

With an earlier conference (January this year), comes an earlier site-visit for your conference planning committee. The Region 8 Conference is January 20th-22nd, 2016 in Seattle, Washington and the planning committee is already starting to finalize certain details, come of that was included in a site-visit which took place a little over 1 week ago.

meeting space.There are a variety of travel options to Seattle, and you can look into some of those options from our previous post on travel here. I chose to drive to Seattle for the visit, and the drive up was very quick. We were also greeted with traditional Seattle weather, and the same weather we can expect in January…RAIN!

king room

I arrived at the Motif hotel in the heart of downtown Seattle and I was excited to know that we will have a number of dining and shopping options within walking distance of our hotel. After speaking with the hotel staff, our room block is quickly filling up! Take this time to book your room early, as the room block may fill up! The rooms are beautiful with nice city views of downtown Seattle and remember the room rate is only $149 plus tax!

We ate at one of the two restaurants on site, the Elephant & Castle Pub and Restaurant. The food was delicious, but as I mentioned, this is just one of hundreds of food options within a 5-10 minute walk in downtown Seattle.


The members of our planning committee who were able to make it to Seattle for the visit got to take a tour of our conference meeting space, and trust me…it is NICE! Our Region will have plenty of space for our sessions, opening ceremonies, and networking. Our proposal committee will have a lot of room for submissions, so get your proposals in now and they will get an awesome schedule put together! Deadline for proposal submission in September 8th!

IMG_9249Our hospitality and registration chairs are also in full planning mode, trying to find fun things for our members to do when they have some downtime. Additionally, we are working to securing two keynote speakers! Our first keynote speaker has already confirmed and will be Jennifer Joslin from the NACADA Executive Office. Our second keynote will be announced shortly!

While it is still early in the planning, there is a lot going on. I will get you more information as the planning committee finalizes each piece of the planning!

If you take only a few things away from this post, it would be this:

  • The conference is January 20th-22nd, 2016 at the Motif Hotel in Seattle, WA
  • The conference will be in the HEART OF DOWNTOWN SEATTLE!
  • The room rate is only $149.
  • The proposal deadline in September 8th! Get your proposals in now!
  • There are several travel options and all the information can be found here.

I hope to see everyone in Seattle in January!


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