Just be kind…Conference Etiquette

At the 2013 annual conference, the program contained a few key pieces of information about etiquette at conferences. Many people remarked at how much they liked that the program contained this information.

Our Region 8 conference will have similar information in our program. Here are some things we all know, but friendly reminders are in order at a conference of this size:

  • Do not talk while a speaker is at the podium
  • Turn off cell phones or set on vibrate during sessions
  • Do not answer a cell call while in a session; leave the room if you must do so
  • Do not go from room to room picking up handouts before the presenters begin their sessions
  • Sit in the back of the room if you plan to leave a session early
  • If you enter a session early, move to a seat away from the door to save seats for late arrivals
  • Introduce yourself to someone in each session or while waiting in line for an event, not only will you make a new contact, you may learn something

Lets kick this conference off right! Wednesday night, the welcome reception will be traveling via boat across Lake Coeur D’Alene. See you all there!


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