Region 8!

Check your email! The ballot for Region 8 Elections is here! If you reside in the States of Oregon and Alaska, or in British Columbia, Alberta Province or the Yukon Territory, you will be able to vote for steering committee liaison members to represent your area.

Follow the email link to a platform statement from each of the candidates running to represent your location or click the link here.

Once you are ready to vote, the second link within your email will take you to your ballot. Following the instructions and remember to submit your vote.

Votes will be accepted until Friday, February 20th, 2015!

Make sure your voices are heard! Incoming elected members will be notified before the upcoming Region 8 Conference!

Thank you for your participation!

Here are the nominees for the Alaska State Liaison:

 UAA Recruitment portraits   June 2014 Copyright Jeff Schultz/  AK Deborah Ginsburg  AK Ginny Kinne

University of Alaska- Anchorage

Unversity of Alaska-Anchorage

University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Here are the nominees for the Alberta Province Liaison:

 AB Charlene Bonnar  AB Sarah Hamilton_thumb  AB Sarah Kinch  AB Rasha Tawfik_thumb
         Lakeland College

Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University

University of Calgary

Here are the nominees for the British Columbia Province Liaison

 BC Susan Corner
Susan Corner
University of Victoria

Here are the nominees for the Oregon Liaison:

               OR Miranda Atkinson_thumb  OR Helen Fleming  OR Shannon Foley
Miranda Atkinson
University of Oregon
Helen Fleming
Oregon State University
Shannon Foley
Oregon State University
 OR Nathanial Garrod  OR McKenzie Huber_thumb  OR Michelle White

Portland State University

McKenzie Huber
Oregon State University
Michelle White
Oregon State University

Here is the nominee for the Yukon Territory Liaison:

 YK Jo Stewart_thumb

Yukon College

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