Vancouver Packing List!

Vancouver imageHello Region 8,

For some of our members this will be their first conference. For some it will be their fifth. And for some it will be too many to count. However, with every conference, it seems someone forgets something. Below you will find a recommended packing list of items that will make your travels that much easier.

March is a fairly rainy month with mild temperatures ranging from 7 – 15°C (44 – 59°F). Occasionally Vancouver will have a light snow, not more than a couple of inches and not lasting for more than a day or two. Therefore we suggest:

– Waterproof/Resistant Jacket, the hotel provides an umbrella in each room
– Comfortable walking shoes that can take the rain
– Gloves, toque, and warm socks especially if you plan on heading to the local mountains
– Camera/iPhone, charger, memory card lots of beautiful places to photograph in Vancouver!
– Note paper (pens provided in hotel rooms)
– Business Cards
– Hand sanitizer for shaking all your new colleagues’ hands 
– Reusable/Travel Mug & spoon, local coffee shops will discount if you bring your own mug
– Pool/Steam/Sauna and/or Work-Out Attire the hotel provides earphones for workout machines plus robes & slippers in each guest room
– Clothing: business casual comfort, conference days are long
– Anything you like for organizing your conference materials: folders, envelopes, clipboard, etc.
– Smartphone/tablet/laptop for tweeting #NACADAR8 We have requested wireless internet in all meeting rooms plus it will be complimentary in your guest room
– Please limit your perfume/cologne during conference sessions as many members have scent sensitivities

Also, as mentioned the other day…US Citizens REMEMBER YOUR PASSPORT!!!

See you all in Vancouver B.C.


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