Register Early and WIN A PRIZE!!!

Vancouver AquariumHello Region 8!

With the Region 8 conference right around the corner (March 20-22nd, 2014), we wanted to remind everyone that registration for the conference is open. Does it seem like I have said that a lot? Well, here is something new!!! You can register here!!!

Register for Region 8’s Annual Conference Putting the Pieces Together: Supporting the Whole Student before February 26th and be entered into a draw for two complimentary admissions to the Vancouver Aquarium!

See Incredible Things

With over 50 000 animals from across the world, there’s no shortage of incredible things to see at the Vancouver Aquarium.
This vast variety of animals makes up a tableau of ever-changing activities and behaviours, so not two visits are ever the same.
But the Aquarium features more than just animals – we also do groundbreaking marine research and have incredible conservation initiatives to help protect the marine world.

Get Up Close and Personal

Taking a closer look has its rewards; you might see something you’ve never noticed before. Attend one of our shows to learn something new about
one of your favourite animals, or discover an entirely new creature that you’ve never seen before. Show examples include eels, jellyfish, porpoises, dolphins, belugas, amazon creatures, sea turtles, seals, sea lions, butterflies, penguins, octopus, frogs, snakes, sturgeon, and more!

The winner will be required to inform the conference committee of the day they will be using their passes 24 hours ahead of time.

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