Scholarship Award Winners!


Every year, Region 8 attempts to provide scholarships to members of the region to support their efforts to attend the region conference. This year, we were lucky enough to be able to provide 17 scholarships, which will help the following individuals attend the 2014 conference March 20th-22nd at the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown in Vancouver B.C. These individuals, through their application articulated a desire to attend the conference, detailed how the conference would benefit the work they do with NACADA and made a commitment to the strategic goals and vision of NACADA. Let’s congratulate the following scholarship award recipients:

Heather J Arbuckle, Clackamas Community College,

Allison M Todd, Oregon State University,

Brenda R Sallee, Oregon State University,

Carmen O’Callaghan, Mount Royal University,

Dr. Stephanie M Schaefer, Clackamas Community College,

Kelly K. Donegan, Oregon State University,

Crystal M Coleman, University of Oregon,

Sadiq Mohamed, University of Alberta,

Carly Darcher, Seattle University,

Caitlin M Blomquist, University of Washington,

Julie Larsen, University of Washington,

Brooke N McIntosh, North Island College,

Kyle W Ross, Washington State University Spokane,

Yung Hwa A Chow, Washington State University,

Sherri L Williams, University of Victoria,

Tina Krauss, Washington State University

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