Travel Tips for Region 8 in Vancouver B.C.

plane-silhouette-1414861-mInternational travel can be complicated and expensive! Here are some tips put together by our conference chair Nadia Williams to make our travel, just a little easier. 

Travel Tips for those coming from American states

If you have an extra three to four hours, consider flying into Seattle or Bellingham.  This would make your airfare domestic only, and would significantly reduce the cost of your ticket.

From Seattle, there are several land options for getting to Vancouver that are cheap and easily accessible:

–          Bolt Bus

–          Amtrak train or bus

–          Quick Shuttle

Quick Shuttle leaves directly from SEA-TAC and Bellingham airports, and stops at various hotels in downtown Vancouver, as well at Main Street station.

Bolt Bus and Amtrak trains and buses both leave from downtown Seattle.  For each, take the Seattle Light Link rail directly from the airport to the International Station – 36 minutes.  It costs $2.75 USD and you can pay by cash or credit card before boarding.

Once off the rail, take the elevator up to street level.  Bolt Bus literally leaves from right there at the street.   There is Starbucks and an Asian market & food court within one block.   For Amtrak, face the Starbucks, and on its left is a paved laneway to the “sky-bridge” that crosses traffic to the Amtrak station and Qwest Field.  Go that way.  Once you’ve crossed the bridge and gotten off the elevator to ground level, turn right.  The station is in front of you.  The Amtrak buses leave from outside the station and the trains inside.  There is a waiting area with washrooms and vending machines inside.  Amtrak will also store your luggage for a small fee if you want to hang out in Seattle for awhile.

You will arrive in Vancouver at Pacific Central Station.  Walk across the street to Skytrain (think “the subway on stilts”) to the Main Street-Science World station.  Purchase a one-zone fare by Canadian cash or any credit card for $2.75.  Get on any train going to Waterfront Station.  In three stops you will be at Burrard Station, about 5 minutes.  Get off here, go up to street level, and it is a seven minute walk to the Marriott Pinnacle.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Pacific Central Station directly to the hotel for $10 – $12 CDN.

Skytrain Station Maps:

From YVR – Vancouver International Airport

You can take the Canada Line route of Skytrain into downtown Vancouver for $8.75 CDN.  Get off at Waterfront Station, the final stop, 30 minutes.  The Marriott Pinnacle is about a 10 minute walk.  Alternatively, you can take a taxi or limo for about the same price each. 

Travel Tips for those coming from Canada

If you are flying, hopefully you can use either the West Jet or Air Canada discount posted on Region 8’s website and blog.   See above for how to get from YVR to the Marriott Pinnacle.

Greyhound disembarks at Pacific Central Station.  See above for directions.

BC Ferries – it is easier from Horseshoe Bay if you are a walk-on.  The bus is at the bottom of the stairs from where you exit the terminal.  Take the #257 Vancouver Express for $4.00 to West Georgia and Bute Street, 36 minutes.   Walk North five blocks to the Marriott Pinnacle.

From Tsawwassen, take the #620 Bridgeport Stn Via Ladner Exch bus to Bridgeport Station on the Canada Line skytrain route for $5.50, 36 minutes.  Use your transfer ticket to get on Skytrain to Waterfront Station, 18 minutes.  From Waterfront Station, it is a 10 minute walk to the Marriott Pinnacle.

Driving directions to the Marriott are at: If you drive, we highly recommend carpooling as hotel parking is $34 per night!

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