Announcing Seattle 2016!

With only 239 days until Vancouver, and with Idaho following it up, the steering committee is pleased to announce the site for the 2016 Region 8 Conference. Following the off-Interstate-5 year, we will be back to Interstate 5 with the announcement of (drum roll………)

Seattle Photo1

Seattle 2016! We will be together as a Region at the beautiful Red Lion Hotel on 5th avenue in the heart of Downtown Seattle!

We had a wonderful discussion in an attempt to pick a location for our 2016 conference. In the end, Seattle won out for several reasons:

  1. It’s in Downtown Seattle, close to Pike’s Market, other shopping and restaurants.
  2. We’ll have the entire facility to ourselves. The meeting rooms are on one floor, the ballroom on another. A large staircase (and elevators) connect the two.
  3. For those flying in, it’s cheap ($2.50) to take the rail transit from SeaTac to a stop about a block and half away from the hotel.
  4. We have a huge space to accommodate our members! With the amazing turnout from Anchorage off Intersate-5 (and the continental US), and Portland the year before, we expect a HUGE turnout in Seattle, and this space will be perfect for us!

A special thanks to Judi Haskins, Karen Sullivan-Vance and Leah Panganiban and Sally Garner for doing the site visits. We posted more pictures on the Facebook page. Check them out. And don’t forget to save the dates. Seattle Photo 2


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