WOW! What a Conference!

Pictured above are only some of the wonderful people who served as Region 8 Conference planners and volunteers! There are many more that helped put this amazing event on who are not pictured.

A little over 1 Week ago, Region 8 put on an amazing conference in Anchorage, Alaska! People working and learning together in the warm Marriott Downtown Anchorage, and getting to know each other in the not-so warm (spring?) air of Alaska! We had our largest gathering of Region 8 members for a non-I5 corridor event, 283 people! On top of that, the response for the conference was great! Now that we are all back in the real world, trying to remember our passwords and meeting with our students, it is important to recognize all the people involved that made this conference great!

Let us begin by thanking our conference co-chairs Nicole Kent and Linda Morgan for their tremendous dedication to the regional conference.

Next to region chair Sally Garner for her leadership and service to the region

To our keynote speaker Patrick Gamble, President of the University of Alaska for his optimistic insight for changes to benefit students and advisors in higher education.

Finally, to Charlie Nutt from the NACADA Executive Office for his enthusiasm for academic advising and its future as a profession. (Charlie, remember, 8 is great!)

Now let’s take a minute to give applause to some amazing Region 8 members.

Region 8 Award Winners

Congratulations to our Region 8 award winners (pictured above). We were pleased to recognize eight out of ten 2013 winners at the keynote luncheon.

  • Region 8 Excellence in Advising – New Advisor Award
    • Kyle Ross, Academic and Career Advisor, Center for Advising and Career Development, Washington State University
    • Kristi Overfelt, Academic Advising and Retention Specialist, College of Letters Arts and Social Sciences, University of Idaho
  • Region 8 Excellence in Advising – New Advisor Certificate of Merit
    • Kerry Thomas, Academic Advisor, College of Liberal Arts Student Services, Oregon State University
    • Rachel Allen, Career and Academic Advisor, School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon
    • Megan Comstock, Academic Coordinator, College of Business, Washington State University
  • Region 8 Excellence in Advising – Professional Academic Advisor Award
    • Brooke Whiting, Academic Coordinator, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Washington State University
  • Region 8 Excellence in Advising – Professional Academic Advisor Certificate of Merit
    • Dr. Andrew Wahlstrom, Academic Advisor, Office of Academic Advising, University of Oregon
  • Region 8 Excellence in Advising – Faculty Academic Advisor Award
    • Dr. Larry Makus, Professor, Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Department, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Idaho
  • Region 8 Excellence in Advising – Advising Administrator Award
    • Dr. Susan Hess, Assistant Director and Advising Coordinator, Lionel Hampton School of Music, University of Idaho
  • Region 8 Excellence in Advising – Institutional Administrator Award
    • Dr. Jeanne Christiansen, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, Academic Affairs, University of Idaho

Congratulations to the Best of Region award winner! Does Happiness Matter? Applying Positive Psychology to Advising State by Teri Duever from Oregon State University was voted the best presentation of the conference.  Teri will represent the region at the 2013 annual NACADA conference in Salt Lake City this October.


Resources to share:

  • The presenters were encouraged to upload their presentations to the conference’s schedule page. Check out some of the amazing presentations you may have missed!
  • People were all over social media including Facebook and Twitter. Check out some of the posts and photos that were attached to the Region 8 Facebook Page and live tweets at the #NACADAR8 backchannel.


A final thank you:

  • To the The Marriott Anchorage Downtown and the city of Anchorage for their hospitality.
  • Making sure all our tech needs were met, thanks to Bil Morrill and Kyle Ross for making sure each speaker had their tech needs met.
  • To our sponsors and exhibitors for their support and enthusiasm for academic advising in the Northwest.
  • To everyone on the planning and steering committees, and to all the businesses and vendors who donated door prizes.
  • To all the presenters who put hours into preparing wonderful talks about their work/research/program/model/experience.
  • To you, the attendee, for bringing out numbers to the amazing 283! It is because of successes like this, that keeps Region 8 GREAT!

NEXT UP: VANCOUVER March 20-22 2014!


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