Grow Financial Support for the Conference! Part 3!

The conference is over, the flights have been boarded, and we are all back to our students. Previously, I brought to your attention an awesome article from which may make securing funding for this conference, just a little easier! I would once again like to thank Nicole Kent for bringing this article to our attention! Now, this is the final part to this article and now you have all 3 parts to prepare for the next conference!!! Look for the conference wrap up and get the dish on all the important happenings from the conference in the days to come!

Don’t just ask – SELL your Regional Conference!

(Ways to convince the people holding the purse strings!)

After the Meeting (PART 3)

  1. Immediately following the conference (perhaps on the airplane or car ride home), write or dictate a summary of what happened at the conference and how you will use the information you received and contacts you made. Write this summary quickly, while the information is fresh in your mind!
  2. Submit the summary to the person who sponsored your attendance, thanking him or her for the opportunity. The purpose of this summary is to make your next conference request even easier than the first. Once your administrators understand that you mean business when you attend a conference, they’ll be more likely to quickly approve your participation.
  3. If the knowledge you gained might also be useful to other in your organization, then you might consider rewriting portions of your summary or presentation as a blog or Twitter post to your colleagues! The NACADA Academic Advising Today is always looking for “Sparklers” or articles to share lessons learned, so investigate that possibility and share the wealth!

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