Hello! Hello!

Say Hello!Hello Region 8! As we do every year, elections are held and the members of our region select a steering committee! I would like to introduce myself and also our 4 other new members of the steering committee: My name is Alex Kunkle, I am the new Communication Coordinator from Western Oregon University. Our other new members include Mary Chuinard from Oregon State University, Budget Coordinator, Debbie Moos from University of Idaho, Idaho Liaison, Colleen Angaiak from University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska Liaison, and Nadia Williams from Simon Fraser as our new Conference Chair of the Vancouver 2014 Conference. Please join me in welcoming our new steering committee! Let’s have another good year!

Including the new members, our committee looks like this:

Steering Committee

Region chair: Sally Garner, University of Oregon

Past Region chair: Judi Haskins, Montana State University

2013 Conference Co-Chairs: Linda Morgan, University of Alaska Anchorage; and Nicole Kent, Oregon State University

2014 Conference Chair: Nadia Williams, Simon Fraser University

Communications Coordinator: Alex Kunkle, Western Oregon University

Technology Coordinator: Bil Morrill, University of Oregon

Budget Coordinator: Mary Chuinard, Oregon State University

State/Province Liaisons:

a) Alaska

* Carol Murphrey, University of Alaska Fairbanks (outgoing)

* Linda Morgan, University of Alaska Anchorage

* Colleen Angaiak, University of Alaska Fairbanks (incoming April 2013)

b) Alberta

* Shea Ellingham, Mt. Royal University

* Brenda Lindquist, Grande Prairie Regional College

c) British Columbia

* Marissa Funaro, Simon Fraser University (outgoing; a successor will need to be appointed)

* Sabreena MacElheron, College of New Caledonia

d) Idaho

* Karen Gillespie, University of Idaho (outgoing)

* Andrew Brewick, University of Idaho

* Debbie Moos, University of Idaho (incoming April 2013)

e) Montana

* Gerda Reeb, Flathead Valley Community College

* Ligia Arango, Montana State University – Northern

f) Oregon

* Jeff Malone, Oregon State University

* Tamie Saffell, Western Oregon University

g) Washington

* Lisa Laughter, Washington State University

* Leah Panganiban, University of Washington

h) Yukon Territory/Canada-at-Large

* Vacant


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