Region 8 Leadership Program

The Region 8 steering committee is excited to announce the launch of the Region 8 Leadership Program. Modeled after the national Emerging Leaders Program, its intention is to provide some intentional relationships between potential Regional Leaders in the region who are interested in finding out more how they might serve NACADA at the regional level by matching them with Regional Mentors who have contributed in a significant way at the regional as well as the national level.

The program provides a partnership through which advice and counsel can be given, ideas exchanged and support and encouragement offered to one another. If you have thought about getting involved but weren’t really sure where to start, we encourage you to apply to be a Regional Leader. If you have been involved and are looking to give back and support other up and coming leaders in NACADA, we encourage you to apply as a Regional Mentor.

Regional Leaders and Mentors are asked to commit to a two-year partnership. Communication with one another on a regular basis will be crucial to get the most out of this mentoring relationship. Regional Leaders and Mentors are also asked to attend the regional conferences for the duration of their partnership. Both Mentor and Leader will also attend regional steering committee meetings as non-voting observers. Attendance to the annual conference is encouraged, but not required.

Many members of Region 8 have participated in the national Emerging Leaders Program and have contributed in significant ways to NACADA, both regionally and nationally. We are excited to support members of our region by providing additional formal mentorship opportunities. We encourage you to apply!

Applications for both Regional Leaders and Regional Mentors are due no later than November 9, 2012. Awards will be made by early December. Complete the On-line Submission. If you have any questions about the program feel free to contact the chair of the selection committee Lisa Laughter at or 509-335-2190.

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