Yes, we really are working over here…

The inaugural conference planning team gets to work on Anchorage 2013. Not seen are almost the same number (if not more) who’ve phoned in on a conference call to participate…and those whom we haven’t roped in yet…

Anchorage, Alaska, Day Three: No, it’s not all fun and games up here. We really are here to work. See left for Exhibit A. The morning kicked off with a site visit for those on the planning committee who were able to come to the hotel. After viewing the ballroom, the breakout rooms and a sample hotel room, it was back to the boardroom for a two-hour meeting. Those who could not travel for the on-site meeting participated through a conference call.

The committee has a nice mix of planning veterans and eager first-timers. The energy and enthusiasm was contagious and I, at least, felt we got off on a great start. Generally, our off-the-I-5-corridor conferences don’t attract the same numbers as our on-the-I-5 corridor conferences. So while Anchorage probably won’t match Portland 2012’s record-breaking attendance, the Alaska-based advisors are pretty jazzed at the fact that the conference is going to be in their state and are resolved to making sure the attendance numbers are healthy. I volunteered that if Alaska hits 200 attendees, Nicole will ride a moose. Or something.

Group shot! Here are some of the many, many folks it will take to pull of Anchorage 2013.

[A side note about moose. I have yet to see one. Although, after hearing co-chair Linda Morgan’s story about a charging moose in her backyard, now I’m not sure I want to.]

But, the work doesn’t end there. In fact, it’s just beginning. Sub-committees are being formed, a theme has been selected and a logo needs to be designed. If this is a train you think you might want to get on, by all means, you are completely welcome. There are plenty of ways you can help you a little or a lot. A successful conference starts with you.

After the planning meeting, Nicole, Judi and I met up with the rest of the “Visit Anchorage” group at the Anchorage Museum. This is one the of top ten most visited attractions in Alaska and is within walking distance of the hotel. Its permanent exhibits showcase Alaska history, art, science and Native culture. If you are new to Alaska, this is a must-visit attraction. Lots to see, lots to learn.

And, on the off-chance this is the only moose I see while we’re up here, I’m glad we snagged a photo-op.

Sally, Nicole and Judi at the Anchorage Museum

~ Sally Garner, Communications Coordinator



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