Grab Bag Part II

T-minus-it’s-just-around-the-corner to the regional conference in Portland! Here are a few more grab bag items:

Fun Facts about Portland
Did you know?
(Some facts derived from Weird, Wacky and Wild Oregon Trivia by Mark Thorburn and Lisa Wojna)

  • Portland’s nickname is the City of Roses and houses the International Rose Test Garden which test new species of roses from all over the world for color, fragrance and resistance to disease. It also goes by Stumptown because of all of the tree stumps left behind when they cleared the first piece of land to establish the city.
  • Portland could’ve been called Boston, Oregon. Portland got its name from one of its founders (who was from Portland, Maine) and was decided by a coin toss at a dinner party (the losing founder was from Boston, Massachusetts).
  • Portland’s Mills End Park is the smallest park in the world with just a two-foot diameter circle.
  • Per capita, Portland has more: bookstores, movie theaters, microbreweries/brewpubs, people who bike to work, miles of rail transit and gourmet coffee drinkers than any other city in the U.S.
  • The Simpsons creator Matt Groening is from Portland and has named many of the famous characters after Portland streets.

Show  your school spirit!
Tuesday, March 20, is school spirit day! The Cheer Rubber Duckies say, “Wear something (t-shirt, polo, vest, sweatshirt, etc.) that showcases your school or department. Go [insert appropriate school name or mascot]!”

Speaking of what to wear, we’ve gotten a few more questions about the dress code for the conference. Er…we don’t have one. We tried answering with “business casual” but that just brought up more questions. So we’re trying another non-committal answer: “Wear whatever you’d like your boss to see you wearing at a conference.”

What’s the weather going to be like?
The Rainy Rubber Duckies remind you it’s Oregon in March. It could go either way. Average for Portland this time of the year is a high of mid-50s and a low of mid-40s. Extremes have seen highs of mid-70s and lows of low-30s. Should you pack an umbrella? If you have a light jacket with a hood, you’re probably fine. If something you own is waterproof, even better. Not that we get a kick back for saying this but there is a Columbia Sportswear store just around the corner from the hotel…and we thank you in advance for supporting the Oregon economy…

Do we get free wi-fi?
If you are staying at the hotel, you get free access in your room and the lobby and restaurant. The hotel is still working out access for those attending, but not staying at the hotel.

Do you have plans for St. Patrick’s Day?
Well, the Ducks o’ the Irish want you to know about few events:

Portland St. Patricks Irish Festival
March 16-18, 2012
Kell’s Irish Restaurant & Pub
112 SW 2nd Ave Portland, OR 97204
Traditional food served all day in the restaurant, live Irish music played
Cover Charge
(503) 227-4057

Shamrock Run
March 18, 2012
Waterfront Park, Downtown Portland
Bagpipes and more entertainment; chowder and refreshments; prizes. Entire family welcome. 34th anniversary celebration.
5k, 8k and 15k Races; 5k Walk; 1k Leprechaun Lap
(503) 638-4131

2012 Portland 71st Annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival
March 17, 2012
The Ambridge Event Center (AKA Rosary Hall) (Across from the Holy Rosary Church)
376 NE Clackamas Ave, Portland
Time: 12:00pm – 8:00pm
Admission: $10.00 21 & above, $5.00 12-20 years old
FREE 11 & under (with paying adult)
503-286-4812 or 503-691-2078


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