In seven days…

In seven days, it will be January 21, 2011. In seven days, a few important deadlines are upon us. In seven days, your ability to impact the type of experience you have at the NACADA Region 8 conference in March will come to be. Too much melodrama for you? Sorry. We really do want you have to really great experience at the conference and you can play a crucial role in that.

How? Funny, you should ask.

Your participation need not be limited to attendance. Submit a proposal to present at the conference. Share your ideas, your research and/or your examples of programs/techniques/best practices that work on your campus. Collaborate with colleagues across campus or across the region. Presenting is a great way to showcase the amazing work you do on your campus and, through feedback and Q&As, bring back ideas for improvement. Getting a presentation proposal accepted may also smooth the way for your dean/department head/supervisor to fund part or all of your travel/attendance costs. “Higher-ups” like opportunities to “show the flag.”

Call for Proposals. Deadline: January 21, 2011.

If funding is an issue, apply for a scholarship! Ten region members will receive a scholarship that funds the conference registration fee. It’s not a full-ride, but it’s something. And, if you’re paying your way or working with a cash-strapped department (who isn’t?), every little bit helps.

Apply for a Scholarship. Deadline: January 21, 2011.

And finally, if you’ve ever been to a conference before, you know one the best parts is being able to celebrate each other’s achievements. We all know colleagues on our campus who are doing amazing work. Maybe their work has been acknowledged by their campus, maybe not. Here’s your chance to have their work recognized by a whole region of professionals. Nominate a colleague (or two) for one of four Region 8 awards: New Advisor Award, Academic Advising Award, Advising Administrator Award, or Institutional Administrator Award.

Submit an Award Nomination. Deadline: January 21, 2011.

Other upcoming deadlines:

Early registration deadline: February 16, 2011. (This is also the deadline for the hotel reservations. However, the block of rooms reserved by NACADA may run out by then. Reserve your room early!)

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. The clock is ticking. You have seven days…

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