Notes from Calgary: A site visit and a conference theme

From left to right: Kaisie Anius, Mount Royal University, Rea Sauter, Mount Royal University, Lianne Leddy, Mount Royal University, Sarah Kinch, Mount Royal University, Cheryl Christianson, Athabasca University, Serita Smith, Athabasca University, Seated: Barb Lehenbauer, Mount Royal University, Shea Ellingham, Mount Royal University.

A report from committee chair Shea Ellingham of Mount Royal University:

On September 20, 2010, a planning meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency in Calgary, AB. Several committee members met and toured the facility to visualize the plans for the Region 8 Conference scheduled for March 10-12, 2011.

Throughout the day, there was discussion about the role of the individual committees. Then we looked at the immediate tasks at hand to get the call for proposals up on the website (and on this blog). There was some discussion about a conference theme and what would work the best considering the geographic location of the conference and perhaps some of the issues that we are facing as advisors.  The committee agreed that our conference theme will be “Transitions: Academic Advising on the road to success.”

The committee agreed that our conference theme will be “Transitions: Academic Advising on the road to success.”

The committee is actively working on a conference logo and should have something to share with everyone within the next couple of weeks. The call for proposals is in preparation and should also be available soon so that folks can begin their preparations for the conference. The regional conference is a great way to get presentation experience.  Advising professionals are encouraged to submit theme related proposals as well as those that cover a broad range of topics.

To support our “Transitions” theme, we are still interested in having a retired Olympic athlete or perhaps coach as a keynote speaker, and then using an organization that supports underprivileged kids as our service project.

We’re excited to host you here in Calgary. See you in 2011!

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