Region 8 members receive national recognition

NACADA recently announced its 2010 annual awards. We are proud that seven Region 8 members received awards or certificate of merits in four advising categories:

Academic Advising Administrator Award

  • Karen Sullivan-Vance, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR

Academic Advising Administrator – Certificate of Merit

  • Jane Parker, Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Academic Advising Primary Role – Certificate of Merit

  • Mark Brownell, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
  • Carol Leder, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

New Advisor – Certificate of Merit

  • Noell Bernard, University of Washington Tacoma, Tacoma, WA

Faculty Academic Advising Category

  • Jessica Cassleman, Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Faculty Academic Advising Category – Certificate of Merit

  • Marita Cardinal, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR

See the NACADA Awards page for the complete list of winners.

We gave each of the Region 8 winners a chance to express what being recognized nationally means to them.

Noell Bernard, University of Washington Tacoma

Noell Bernard, academic counselor in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences department at University of Washington Tacoma said, “I so appreciate the work it took to be nominated for this work, and am grateful for the opportunity to receive the award. The award is an amazing way to recognize colleagues–to share recognition on a regional and national basis.” She added, “I work with many talented individuals and I look forward to submitting nominations for the next cycle!”

Noell was nominated by Leah Panganiban, a colleague at University of Washington Seattle. When asked to name the top three things she loved about her job, she named “working with my students” and “networking with advisers from other institutions” as her top two perks. Her third? “Being in a university environment is like no other place in the world. It is vibrant, fast-paced and moving a million different directions all at once.”

Karen Sullivan-Vance, Western Oregon University

Karen Sullivan-Vance, Director of the Academic Advising and Learning Center at Western Oregon University, was nominated by WOU Associate Provost David McDonald. She said she “has the best job ever” in that she gets to work with “incredible students, phenomenal staff and faculty, and colleagues at other institutions.”

Karen said she felt humbled by this award and thanks the committee and individuals who wrote supporting letters. “It is recognition from my colleagues about the work I do on a daily basis,” she said. “Helping my students as they transition into and through university is not a job, but a privilege.” She added she feels excited to come to work every day and work with colleagues who are passionate about serving students.

Marita Cardinal, Western Oregon University

Karen and her staff nominated WOU colleague Marita Cardinal, a professor in the Division of Health and Physical Education, for the Faculty Academic Advising award. Marita earned a Certificate of Merit in this category. She said she enjoys motivating students to appreciate dance and enjoy dancing/moving for life. She also enjoys educating students about the importance of a healthy, physically active lifestyle. She encourages students to work hard and make the most out their education and she enjoys helping tem navigate their way through college and transition into successful careers.

“One of the most meaningful and enjoyable aspects of a faculty member’s diverse responsibilities is the advisement of students.  This is the precious time that we get to spend with individual students, listening to their stories, concerns, thoughts, and needs; asking and responding to their questions; and offering guidance in many different capacities.  It is a responsibility to be taken seriously, as every opportunity spent with students can make a substantive, hopefully positive impact in their (and/or our) lives.  To be awarded for this is a great honor and most humbling, particularly given the many outstanding faculty with whom I’m proud to work.  It inspires me to work even harder to help students in the future and do my best to help them succeed.”

Carol Leder, Oregon State University

Academic Advisor and International Exchange Coordinator Carol Leder works in the College of Business at Oregon State University. She was nominated for her award by her head advisor Brenda Sallee. Carol said she loves connecting with students and “working together to find the switch to that light bulb.” She also enjoys the outreach component to her position and the chance for ongoing learning.

“It means so much to be recognized by a group of peers for a job that I love doing. … I feel very fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to work with students and other advisors/faculty who were willing to take time out of their busy schedules to write letters on my behalf. … It’s nice to know that the time and effort and caring that we all put into our jobs doesn’t go unnoticed and that we have a support network at the national level willing to recognize our accomplishments. Thanks so much.”

Mark Brownell, Washington State University

Academic Coordinator Mark Brownell is a pre-pharmacy advisor at Washington State University. He works in the Science Advising Office in the College of Sciences. He was nominated by his supervisor, a colleague in the COS Dean’s office and a student. Like the other award winners, Mark enjoys working with students. He also appreciates the opportunity he’s had to set his own work philosophy. He doesn’t just prepare his students for WSU’s College of Pharmacy, he said, he prepares them for any College of Pharmacy. With his boss’s support, Mark has had the chance to try new things such as night-time advising hours in the STEM residence center.

“I was honored to be nominated, especially by a student. That I was nominated has the greatest meaning to me; my students and my peers/boss feel that what I am doing is meaningful.” He added, “That I won the award is meaningful too. I feel it shows that WSU has a program that is top-notch along with the best in the country.”

Jessica Cassleman, Washington State University

Jessica Cassleman is an assistant dean in the Honor’s College at Washington State University. She was nominated by her Dean, Dr. Libby Walker, and by her former colleague Mary Garland. She enjoys guiding and empowering her students to learn beyond the classroom and aim at higher levels of performance. She also appreciates the great variety of activities in her job “from advising to recruiting, to teaching, to taking students abroad on faculty-led trips.”

“This award means more to me than any other award I have ever received.  Not only because it is a national recognition, but more because I care deeply about students who I want to see succeed, and to see this work being recognized is very rewarding. Receiving this award supports some deeply ingrained values I have, as well as enhances the goals I have as an educator. This award also demonstrates something that to me is so important: we cannot be successful in advising without the help of every person and unit on campus.  When so many people were willing to write letters of support for me for the national award nomination, I realized that I was accomplishing something not by myself, but with the support and willingness of many who have worked with me as a team.  This is truly not my award, but rather an award that many deserve.  I have been here longer perhaps, have more experience, and deal with students well, but without the help of many it would not have been possible, plus most of what I have learned I have learned from other advisors, students, staff and faculty.  I am only the conduit of something I believe is perhaps one of the most important aspects in higher education: advising, and it seems that I do it well with the help of many.”

Jane Parker, Washington State University

Jessica’s teamed up with WSU colleague Tom Whitacre to nominate Assistant Director Jane Parker for an award in the Academic Advising Administrator category. Jane works in the Center for Advising and Career Development. Jane said the most important part of her job is “making a difference for college students.” As a result of being in the central advising office for many years, Jane said she’s had a chance to represent academic advising on several campus committees and, in turn, has been able to make a contribution to the quality of the undergraduate experience at WSU. She also said she enjoys working with academic advisors across campus. “Helping advisors provide better service to students, and become better advising professionals themselves, is rewarding.

“To be recognized by my peers at WSU for the contributions I have made over almost thirty years has been an honor. Especially in these difficult times, it has reminded me that what I do does matter, not only to students, but to my colleagues as well. I am very proud to be recognized at the national level as well, but more to be able to represent Washington State University and the hard work that the entire advising community has done.”

Congratulations to Carol, Jane, Jessica, Karen, Marita, Mark and Noell!

If these award and certificate of merit winners sound a lot like the amazing people you have on your campus, remember that when nominations open for the 2011 NACADA Region 8 and/or annual awards.

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