New Region 8 chair elected

As we write this, the sun is shining and the cherry trees are blooming. Given the geographical diversity of Region 8, we realize this may not be the case where you are right now. Still, Happy Spring! (We academic advisers are “glass half full” types right? In that spirit, even if it’s not spring weather outside, may you still have a spring in your step and a song in your heart!)

Region 8 Chair-Elect Judi Haskin

As you know (hopefully because you participated by voting!), we recently conducted elections for Region 8 Chair 2010-2012.  We would like to officially announce and congratulate Judi Haskins from Montana State University on her selection as the new Region 8 Chair!

Those of you who already know Judi know what a tremendous asset she has been to Region 8. She served as our conference chair for the 2009 conference in Missoula. In addition, Judi has been very involved with NACADA at the state level coordinating statewide conferences. Until she officially takes on her new role in October, she will continue to service as our Montana representative on the Region 8 steering committee. Her Region Chair term will run until October 2012.

Read Judi’s profile on the NACADA website.

We thank out-going chair Brett McFarlane of Oregon State University for his service to the region. Brett and Judi have already started working together to transition from one leadership to another.

On that same election note, please be watch for an email on our upcoming Region 8 steering committee elections.  Your elected state representatives will begin their 2-year terms beginning May 2010. At this point, nominations have been submitted to NACADA and we hope to announce the voting process soon.


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