And so it ended…

…as all good things do. The third day of the conference started off with an early planning meeting for the 2011 regional conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The date is TBA but we hope it’ll be mid or late April. When we know more, you’ll know more. For the U. S. citizens planning to attend, please remember two things: 1) You need a passport and it can take up to 12 weeks to get one. So, if you don’t have one, get on that soon. If you have one, check to make sure it hasn’t expired. 2) Canada gauges the temperature using Celsius. When asked what the temperature would likely be in Calgary around April, a Canadian member replied, “Oh, about 20 degrees.” The non-Canadians in the room were horrified for a split second before someone blurted out, “Oh, you mean in Celsius!” (By the way, 20 degrees Celsius, according to the online temperature converter, is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s manageable. Then again, you never know with Mother Nature. This time last year, Seattle was still snowed in.)

After the planning meeting, attendees had a full morning of breakout sessions. Everyone reconvened again at the Awards Luncheon where the 2010 Region 8 award winners were recognized:The luncheon also recognized the Region 8 members who received awards at the annual NACADA in conference in San Antonio last September/October. And, of course, the Best of Region was announced. The winner was chosen from the breakout sessions presented by Region 8 members (non-Region 8 presentees were not eligible for this award). All the conference attendees had a chance to vote.

The 2010 Best of Region 8 was awarded to Katie Schumm and Becca Schulze (pictured left with Region Chair Brett McFarlane) of the University of Oregon for their presentation, “Build Better Advising Relationships through Blogging.” Katie and Becca will receive a stipend to attend and present their presentation at the 2010 NACADA annual conference in October. We’re confident they’ll represent our region well. Congratulations Katie and Becca!

In closing, we provide an update on the Service Project. By the time lunch started, Region 8 members had donated about $500 to Treehouse, an agency that provides services to foster children in Seattle. By the time lunch ended, after the proverbial hat (actually a paper box cover) was passed around again, that amount was up to $900. We don’t have the exact figure yet; the Treehouse liaison has promised to send us the final figure and we’ll let you know when we have it. If you don’t know this, you should: Region 8 was the first NACADA region to initiate a service project in conjunction with the regional conference. The project benefits a local organization as a way for the region to give back to the host community. Other regions have since followed in our footsteps.

To close, a shout-out to Region Chair Brett McFarlane and the region steering committee, and Karen Sullivan-Vance and the conference planning committee. Thank you for a successful conference. To the Hyatt Olive @ 8, you were a classy host and we thank you as well. To the city of Seattle, thank you for your hospitality. Good night all.

One thought on “And so it ended…

  1. foxflat

    What a great conference! Thanks to all who helped make it happen, including the great presenters. Looking forward to 2011!!

    – Katie Schumm

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