And we’re off…!

The Northwest Region 8 conference got off to a good start today with a full packed day of pre-conference sessions and Day Two of the Technology Seminar. (Sorry we didn’t blog after the first day of the Technology Seminar; our heads were so full of technology ideas/issues/conversations/strategies, we needed time to decompress.) Many, many thanks to NACADA faculty Eric Stoller of Oregon State University for coordinating an ambitious and action-packed seminar. Overall response to the two-day were positive and enthusiastic. Throughout the seminar, Eric, his co-presenters and the seminar participants tweeted their reactions, thoughts and perceptions. If you haven’t been following along, they’ve been using the #NACADATech hashtag. (Speaking of hashtags, several folks are tweeting from this conference and using the #NACADAR8 hashtag. Join the conversation!) Thank you also to Kurt Xyst and the University of Washington for proving the seminar classroom space and facilities on Day One.

The “regular” part of the conference kicked off this evening with a chocolate dessert reception. It was fun to see “conference buddies” reconnecting and introducing their friends and colleagues to each other. Academic advising is such a “touch” profession and it’s at events like these that we get to make professional connections that sustain us in our day-t0-day work. We had to smile as we wandered around the room and caught snippets of conversations here and there. Folks were comparing advising structures at their respective institutions, presenters were sharing presentation tips with each other, technology conversations that started in the Tech Seminar were continuing, and “which session will you attend, which session will I attend negotiations” were being held. And, through it all, an overall consensus that the chocolate desserts were yummy.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow. To all who are presenting tomorrow, get to bed. To all who are attending, have a productive day.

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