Conference Sessions

We’re less than two weeks away from the big event. NACADA has posted the pre-conference sessions. They are a good deal at $25 a pop; they are a better deal if you purchase an all-access pass. You’ll get a chance to attend all four pre-conference sessions for $60!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal and much kudos to the proposal committee for evaluating all the proposals so quickly. Accepted presenters have already been notified of their scheduled day/time. NACADA will post these on the main Region 8 site soon. If you’d like to download a sneak peak (in pdf form), here you go.

We’re pleased to have such a variety of topics. We’re also very happy to see presenters from varying school types and from varying parts of the region and country (we have a couple of presenters from outside our region, which is great!). What we’re not pleased about is that we have to choose only one breakout session to attend each hour. It’s 2010. Where are the flying cars and personal time machines they promised us?

If you are attending this conference with other colleagues from your institution, here’s our advice: Divide and conquer. Bring back as many ideas to your home campus as you can.

Seattle awaits…


2 thoughts on “Conference Sessions

  1. FYI…

    Folks who are attending the Technology Seminar should not attend the Technology Toolkit Pre-Conference session as they are meant to be independent of one another.

    Technology Seminar = a more in-depth learning experience.
    Technology Pre-Conference = a general overview of pertinent technologies.

    PS: I tried to solicit rfp’s for flying cars and time machines, but to no avail. 😉

  2. PPS: I would highly recommend turning the “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” functionality off as it can confuse blog visitors and take them away from this site. Cheers!

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