Looking ahead to Seattle 2010


Dates: January 25-27, 2010

Location: Olive @ 8th, Seattle, Washington, USA

Theme: The ART of NACADA: Advise, Retain, Teach through the use of Technology

Call for proposals deadline: Oct. 23, 2009 Nov. 23, 2009

Scholarship and Award Programs Application deadline: Nov. 16, 2009

Tie-in: NACADA’s Technology Institute, January 24-25, 2009.

The 2010 conference planning committee is working behind the scenes on all the pieces of the puzzle that make up a regional conference. A small team did a site visit to the hotel last week. The consensus is that it’s a nice hotel conveniently located close to shops and restaurants. We understand some of you are eager to get your travel proposals in before budgets run dry or get frozen. We hope the conference and hotel registration information will go out this week. These notices are distributed through the NACADA executive office so we can’t tell you exactly when the information will come out. Keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, the call for proposal deadline is just around the corner. Please consider submitting a proposal and encourage fellow colleagues to do the same. On some campuses, having a proposal accepted can help convince the “higher-ups” to fund your trip. Directors, associate deans, deans, vice-provosts, etc. appreciate positive representation.

3 thoughts on “Looking ahead to Seattle 2010

  1. lindatoews


    The call for proposals deadline here says October 23, but the conference website says November 16th in one place and November 23 somewhere else. Can you please confirm which is correct?

    Linda Toews

    1. nacada8

      Good question! The original due date was Oct. 23. Somehow it was posted on the NACADA site as Nov. 23 and we could not get them to change it. Not sure how Nov. 16 got into the mix. Our original Oct. 23 due date will likely be extended. More on that soon. We promise.

    2. nacada8

      The conference committee decided this morning to extend the Call for Proposal deadline to November 23. So there’s still plenty of time to get your proposal in! Sorry for the confusion.

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