Annual conference take-aways: Day Two

What a full day! Poster sessions, breakout sessions, region business meetings, and lots and lots of “Hi, my name is…” Attendees were traipsing back and forth from the Convention Center to the Grand Hyatt all day. Nice facilities but, as you can probably imagine, 2,400 attendees on the move jam up the escalators and elevators every hour. Good excuse to strike up a short conversation with someone new though.

The breadth and depth of the program is staggering. Every hour, you had to choose one of 25+ concurrent sessions to go to. How do you choose? It’s good if you’re here with other colleagues from your institutions. “Divide and conquer” is a good strategy. But, if you’re the sole representative from your office (or even your institution), what do you decide to bring back? It’s an interesting balance between your own personal professional development and the advancement of your office/institution.

The Region 8 business meeting was at the end of the day. It was nice to meet up with colleagues from around the region. Those who work in quarter schools expressed their frustration that the annual conference often falls in the first week of the term. There’s no hard data but it does seem that Region 8 has more schools on the quarter (late September – mid-June) system. It’s hard to justify leaving your campus during the busy first week, especially in these resource-challenged times. This feedback has come out of our region for several years in a row now. Region Chair Brett McFarlane promised he would relay this concern again.

As expected, we talked quite a bit about the upcoming conference in Seattle. More information about the Technology Seminar tie-in will be coming soon. Watch this space. The details are being finalized right now and word will go out once all the (ahem) ducks are in a row. We also learned a little more about the 2011 regional conference. Mark your calendar for April 2011: we’re headed to Calgary!

This blog was also a topic of conversation. We are the first NACADA region to do a blog. It’s taking baby steps right now but we believe this is a good tool for the region to keep its members in the loop. We’d love your feedback. And suggestions. And comments. And ideas for posts. Talk to us. Tell us what you need from us.

It’s another full day tomorrow. We’ll start with another keynote speaker in the morning. Then the “attendee shuffle” begins every hour again: more concurrent and poster sessions. And maybe a check-in in the Silent Auction room to place a bid (or a rebid). The Best of Region 8 presenters from the University of Oregon present at 2 p.m. Think a good thought for them and the other presenters tomorrow who are probably rehearsing in their pajamas tonight.

To bed… More from the annual conference tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Annual conference take-aways: Day Two

  1. It sounds like Karen, George and Laura had a great NACADA Tech faculty reunion in San Antonio. The curriculum development for the regional NACADA Tech seminars is coming together nicely. I’ve never actually been to Seattle (gasp!) so I am really excited about getting to put on a Tech Seminar for Region 8.

    Please note that I find the use of “ducks” in paragraph 4 to be very troubling šŸ˜‰

  2. nacada8

    The region is lucky to have you and there’s a good buzz building on the Tech Seminar now. We can’t wait to get more information out about that.

    Sorry, we couldn’t resist “ducks.” And the phrase was conveniently apt. But, we have to be fair to the entire region. We’ll try find other phrases that utilize Region 8 school mascot animals. “Eager beaver” is a good place to start and could probably find its way into a post.

    Anyone else has other suggestions?

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